About the Founding Artists

My name is Beth Ann Kennedy, and I am an artist. I have been producing and directing live theatrical events since the mid-90s, primarily in Washington DC, NYC, Santa Fe, NM, and Bozeman, MT. Acting, music, and dance were my professional training and I love performing, but most of my work has been making the decisions on what will be performed and creating the way to execute a vision. 

I have a passion for the planet, and people, and assisting in sharing their stories. Currently, I feel a strong responsibility to support the relationship between Earth and Humankind. That relationship is not going well. It is correct that we bear witness to the damage man has created on the Earth and how the word dominion, which should mean care for, has been morphed into domination, pillage, and destruction. It is paramount that there is a personal and collective recognition of this devastation and of the climate crisis. Ongoing steps must be taken to correct the course humanity has been on but we also must examine that in our fear, anxiety, and worry we are sending moment by moment negative energy to Earth. How can we balance this?

Earth is the quintessential artist and the supplier of everything we need to create. You could not be an artist without Earth! 

As an artist, I find it is always beneficial to see the reality, but I also know I need supportive energy. This is why I started working on the concept that is now the Honor Earth Project and grateful that over the last months my dear talented artist friends, Anne Phillips, Mark Gordon, and Emily Hook have joined me. I want you to join us as well. 

You feel passionate about your individual demonstration as an artist. Can you take a moment each day and engage that same heartfelt energy in gratitude for the Earth? Can you make it a daily practice? 

You may ask, “Is this some kind of New Age project?” The impact of positive loving energy is not new and has no age. This is an intentional project. If you need more information and examples of what that is, we will be offering it on the Honor Earth Project website. We will also be listing films, music, books, articles, exhibitions, presentations, etc… that will support all of us as we work to demonstrate the impact of this energetic love for Earth. 

Learn more about Beth Ann and her work at www.aunahil.com

Anne Phillips is a composer, singer, arranger and producer whose career has covered almost every area of the music business. She attended Oberlin College and the NEC. As a singer, she did many studio recording sessions and her first solo album, “Born to be Blue” has become a classic. As a composer. her jazz opera. “Bending Towards the Light … A Jazz Nativity” has become “a new New York tradition” NY Mag. Her song and now full show about climate change
“What Are We Doing To Our World?” has become more important every year. Her short operas and art songs have been on programs in New York, and many other cities.

Ms Phillips has been on the vocal faculty of NYU, the Music Director
at St. Bartholomew’s Church and a National Trustee of the Recording Academy. “Phillips’ gift for original melody is quite remarkable. Her music is quite a discovery in a land that produced songs such as those of the caliber of Charles Griffes, Ned Rorem, Samuel Barber and William Bolcom.” -Howard Smith MUSIC E VISION. Learn more about Anne at www.Annephillips.com

Mark Jay Gordon is an award-winning Writer/Director/Producer whose
first feature documentary, Awakening in Taos: The Mabel Dodge Luhan
Story is broadcasting over PBS stations over 2022-2024. His career
objective is to cultivate film projects that have transformational, urgent and meaningful messages that reach wide, discriminating audiences interested in sustainability.

Mr. Gordon grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles with family and friends in the film/entertainment industry. He studied film, broadcasting, theater and fine arts at LA City College, California Institute of the Arts, Glorietta Pass Ranch Institute, and the Anthropology Film Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since then he has collaborated with businesses and non-profit foundations on independent, artistic, educational, marketing and communications-based design and film projects.

Since 2012 Mr. Gordon has been the managing partner/director at
Awakening in Taos, LLC, producing films in Santa Fe, New Mexico and
Northern California. In this capacity he has been responsible for managing all aspects of production, marketing, and broadcast distribution. While producing Awakening in Taos, he began research for his second feature documentary in the series called Man of Many Colors. It is about Blue Spruce Standing Deer, a Taos Pueblo Native American artist, musician and medicine carrier. This film also explores the First Nations’ sustainable relationship with nature, and it asks the question: What if the government tried to erase your identity?

Check out Mark’s Man of Many Colors presentation.

Emily Hook is a website designer, whose sense of empathy, purpose, adaptability and adventure drive her work. In helping found Bozeman’s BZN International Film Festival, Emily developed her commitment to fostering cultures of cooperation, diligence and imagination. Emily is currently leading web development projects for non-profits and startups from around the country, driven both by her knack for design & digital strategy as well as her passion to celebrate others’ stories. Emily has been a student of mindfulness since high school, where she learned that a strong connection to wilderness, and prioritizing solitude and reflection, are key components to living a life of gratitude and meaning. She believes mindfulness is a key method to healing so much of the modern world’s shared environmental and spiritual trauma. Learn more about Emily’s work at www.em-designs.co.